Bye Bye Michigan

Michigan my home

I was not born and raised here but it has been my home for the past year. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all four seasons in our wonderful state!!! Not only do we have beautiful and interesting people, but we have all four seasons, we have the great lakes, mountains, waterfalls, islands, “Up North” cabins, cottages and campgrounds. What more can you ask for!!

Falling snow, sparkling in the sun

Crisp fall days with the smell of bonfire in the air and colors on the trees

Crazy, unpredictable weather that always keeps you guessing

There is nothing better than spending a brisk fall day at an apple orchard drinking cider & eating doughnuts

Fall in Love with Michigan
No Matter Season

Spring: April showers bring May flowers” is the phrase that I read about Spring because in April we usually see lots of rain storms, and all the water from the rain helps the flowers to bloom around May. The temperature starts to warm up from winter…usually

Falls: My Birthday comes during this time and fall wont last long. We planed our perfect getaway to “Port crescent state park”


Always wanted to walk on a frozen lake. We were on a trip to Up North MI and while coming back we stopped at Mitchell state park luckily it was frozen and had so much fun. Snowmobile, ice fishing, cross country skiing are in plans.

Summer: We call it the “Lake Effect.”

I was surprised to see the sun doesn’t set till 9 PM. long days of comfortable temperatures and the nation’s longest freshwater coastline, Michigan is a summer destination like no other. Biking and Hiking are my favorite activities in summer.